Blanco Or Plata Tequila(White or Silver)

Mexican Legal Definition

Tequila fresh from distillation. The basic liquid that is the base for all other tequilas and is the most direct expression of agave.


1800 SILVER (100% Blue Agave)
An exceptionally clean, silky smooth taste.

Smooth for sipping and savoring with a nice aroma.

HERRADURA SILVER (100% Blue Agave)
This silver tequila actually rests for a period of time, up to40 days. This resting helps to mellow the tequila.The taste is citrusy, smoky and smooth.

A classic Blanco tequila, a pure, un aged embodiment of the clean, natural flavors of the finest agave.

DON EDUARDO SILVER (100% Blue Agave)
Initially fruity ending in spicy flavor, this tequila is perfect for mixing.

Ultra Premium

CAZADORES BLANCO (100% Blue Agave)
An ultra smooth silver tequila that is perfect either chilled straight or in your favorite margarita.

DON JULIO SILVER (100% Blue Agave)
Excellent example of the agave plant. Spicy after taste and fruity hints. Perfect for mixing.

EL TESORO PLATINUM (100% Blue Agave)
Very floral, very rich flavor that jumps out of the glass.Herbaceous, minty and spicy aftertaste.

CORAZON BLANCO (100% Blue Agave)
100% estate grown blue agave, this tequila is clean,herbal and smooth.

PATRÓN SILVER (100% Blue Agave)
Light and refreshing with the undertones of mint and green tones. You may also taste a peppery and smooth aftertaste.

CABO WABO BLANCO (100% Blue Agave)
Vivacious taste, good for mixing.

ORO AZUL BLANCO (100% Blue Agave)
Raw, peppery nose, earthen tones round out its base.Citrus and
mint flavors.

EL MAYOR BLANCO (100% Blue Agave)
Clean floral and spice overtones.

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